Multiple HDMI Presentation input from Icon

Idea created by markb Partner on Oct 30, 2017
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    Many clients need multiple HDMI inputs for presentations and spend large sums to achieve a 'User Friendly' interface.


    The Lifesize Phone (2nd Gen and HD) has a great colour Touch screen designed for multiple presentation inputs. The Icon 800 software already has a Multiple HDMI Interface selection capability as the 800 hardware has 4 HDMI inputs (at least one needs to be for the primary camera).  The current software also allows the Administrator to 'name' the inputs.


    I have thought of a low cost solution for all Icon 400, 450 and 600 systems.


    The simple solution is to use the Icon USB interface to drive a USB IR transmitter.


    If Lifesize could take the current Icon 800 software, tweek it to enable 4 selections to be made via the Colour Touchscreen Phone and have the selection drive specific codes on a USB IR Transmitter, we could have a solution.


    The 'User' could select 'Presentation' on the Phone Colour Touchscreen, then 'toggle' or 'scroll' through multiple HDMI inputs to drive the IR signals to a 4 Port HDMI Switch (Extron is the best). No feedback from the USB IR transmitter is necessary, just output 'Port1', 'Port2, 'Port 3' or 'Port 4' just like the IR controller of the Extron HDMI Switch, simple.


    The USB port can be currently used to interface to a RS-232 adapter - so I cannot see why a USB IR Transmitter cannot be controlled as well.


    My understanding is that commercially available USB IR transmitters are low cost.  The idea is that Lifesize either include one in the box or specify a brand to be purchased.



    Mark Bannenberg