Streaming Ideas for Voting

Idea created by moe.sawwas Partner on Nov 5, 2017
    Pending Review

    Some suggestions for Streaming based on feedback from heavy Webinar presenters:


    1- Can we force participants to put their email addresses in order to be able to watch a stream? Helps a lot from a marketing perspective. We would be able to send follow up notes etc...

    2- Can we also have the "Raise Hands" feature?

    3- Being able to upload files by the moderator for others to download.

    4- Being able to upload a number of  polling questions  prior to the streaming time. The moderator can then release these questions out for vote as the conference proceeds.

    5- Ability to respond to a specific question rather than the moderator's comment showing as a normal chat.

    6- The delay in video is very cumbersome. Here's a scnario:

    - Lecturer asks for questions.

    - Participant sends a chat question

    - Lecturer receives the chat message instantly as it is approved.

    - there will be a 30+ seconds lag for the lecturer's answer to be received by the participants.  hence the instant chat and the delayed video is throwing the whole conference out of sycn.. Any prospects of reducing the delay?