Bring back guest invite!

Idea created by sdemets Partner on Nov 8, 2017
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    • patrick_
    • cezi
    • sdemets

    I know, guest invite didn’t disappear with the new app, but I made you click the link, didn’t I?

    Anyway, guest invite is a major selling point of Lifesize Cloud and you’ve decided to hide this feature. There used to be a icon for this in the app, now it’s three layers deep in ”Schedule a meeting”. When the app asks me what I want to do, my options are ”Call” and “Schedule a meeting“, as mentioned above. If what I want to do is “Invite a guest”, there is no option for that and there Is no obvious choice between the existing options to “invite a guest”.


    So please, please, please put back a first page option for “Invite a guest” as it is a very strong selling point and, at least in our case, a much used feature of your wonderful Cloud solution.