Feature Request - Allow List for In-Bound Phone Calls

Idea created by jsaylor Support on Nov 17, 2017
    Pending Review
    • jsaylor
    • akira
    • mphillips13

    I spoke to David from GPB Capital, and he was interested in finding a way to allow or prevent in-bound phone calls based on an authenticated ID, or phone number. I've tried to think of how this could work, and my best idea at this point would be to create a configurable list that the admins could manage, that allows them to enter phone numbers and names for individuals that are allowed to call in to a meeting. This feature would likely need to be applied per meeting, so that certain meetings could be secured against unknown callers, beyond just using a PIN for the meeting, but so that it would not hinder their other meetings unnecessarily. This list could also be used to show pre-configured names instead of showing the caller's phone numbers.