Check for updates

Idea created by jwinterbottom on Nov 24, 2017
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    • jwinterbottom

    It would be great if a “check for updates” feature was built in to the icon web interface and on screen display.  On occasion, our endpoints miss upgrades initiated by LifeSize if the endpoint isn’t powered on.  I have seen some situations in which the endpoint will not prompt for an upgrade after it is powered on.  Instead of downloading firmware and running the upgrade from the web UI, it would be great if there was a simple, “check for updates” option that triggers an upgrade notification.    When an icon gets stuck in a state where an upgrade notice doesn’t pop up, usually a second boot does the trick but in situations where it doesn’t, trying to help a client perform an upgrade remotely is challenging really leaving me with the only option of finding the latest firmware and uploading it through the web UI.