Add End User details onto Lifesize Service Schedules

Idea created by markb Partner on Nov 29, 2017
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    • cezi

    Lifesize issues its AMS Service Schedules to its Partners who then pass these onto Resellers, of which I am one.


    It would be really great if the Service Schedule Agreements referenced the End User so that they could be easily identified.


    As a reseller we get a Service Schedule Agreement from our Distributor, however, there is no reference to the End User or the Resleller.  The only references are the Name of the 'Authorized Partner" (the distributor) , their "PO Number" (which has nothing to do with the people at the coal face) and the Lifesize "Order Number".


    It is a real pain to categorise these Service Schedule Agreements with reference to a 'end customer'.


    I know that my Distributor will not take an order without the 'End User' details - quite detailed as well.  I assume these are passed onto Lifesize with the order.  But none of this information appears on the Service Schedule Agreement.


    A change to this process would be great.