Add stats by year in the management console

Idea created by jwinterbottom on Nov 30, 2017
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    • jwinterbottom
    • cezi

    I'm nitpicking here but it's odd that there isn't an option to compile stats by year in the management console.  I know this can be done manually by selecting the custom range, its just odd that there isn't an option by year.  I have also noticed what I think is a bug if you try doing a custom range by toggling through the calendar instead of typing in the ranges in the range box.  You can go back multiple years if you manually enter the dates but if you try to do the same thing by going through the calendar, it automatically adjusts the end duration, its weird...try it out.


    Also, it would be really great if the stats by device would be able to generate percentages instead of just a bar graph, the visual of the bar graph is nice but it would be great if I could report to my superiors something like 25% of our callers are Mac based etc.