Multi call ability to make one participant largest view

Idea created by jimgor on Jan 8, 2018
    Pending Review

    I am the IT Manager at Deaf Services Queensland where one of the primary uses for Lifesize Cloud vc is to perform real time sign language interpreting for Deaf community members.  In the Zoom cloud application there is the ability in a multi-party video conferencing situation to scroll over a Window with a participant in it and elect to "pin to screen". In other words that participant becomes the largest Window in the video call, for the point of view of the person who has "pinned", and the setting is not overridden by the automated voice activation. This would be a brilliant feature to add for Deaf services and other users as often a Deaf person needs to have a larger view of the interpreter (in the conference), only. This feature has has been requested by Deaf users of Lifesize as it allows them to make large and pin the window where a sign language interpreter appears.