Presentation Mode Timeout

Idea created by thorner-rmn on Feb 22, 2018
    Pending Review

    To make a long story short:

    We have a lot of LifeSize units. We have nightly reboots turned on for our icon units. Because people leave the room and sometimes do not exit presentation mode, the units never go idle and cannot reboot as scheduled. Therefore sometimes end up rebooting in the middle of the day, which is obviously bad.


    We definitely want to keep the nightly reboots as we have found that this has greatly reduced general problems.

    We are requesting  some kind of timeout feature to keep the presentation mode from delaying the nightly reboots. If the LifeSize unit notices when it's been in presentation mode for say....4 hours, and there have been no other inputs on the system (especially with no active call), there could be a pop up to ask "Are you still presenting?".  At that point, if there isn't any interaction with the pop up message, it then could turn off presentation mode which would eventually allow the Icon to go idle and reboot overnight. We would also be fine with the presentation mode just turning off after x amount of time with no system interaction. We just want this to stop interfering with our nightly reboots.
    We would very much appreciate a feature update on this front.