Differentiate Google Calendar Meetings on Lifesize Icon

Idea created by rp-lendup on Mar 29, 2018
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    • Manish Mehta
    • mminzoni76
    • rp-lendup

    Google Calendar integration on Lifesize Icon is great! However, users easily get confused when trying to join a meeting on the Lifesize Icon.


    Currently, it is difficult to differentiate between a Google Calendar meeting and a Lifesize meeting on a Lifesize Icon. When the time for a meeting comes around, Users have been attempting to join a Google calendar meeting thinking that it is a Lifesize meeting. This is because the integration offers up the scheduled Google meeting as it is the closest to the current time. Users attempt to join and are only presented with an audible "bump" that something has gone wrong. Most users at this point will wrongly assume that the meeting has been joined.


    I'd like to request the following features to alleviate this:

    • Enable Lifesize Icons to join Lifesize meetings when a Google Meeting contains the appropriate details
      • Users that have added a Lifesize meeting to Google meeting (via a browser extension or copy and paste) should be able to join that meeting when selecting the Google meeting on an Icon.
    • Give actionable errors when a Google Meeting without Lifesize Meeting details is selected
      • If a user tries to join a Google Meeting with no Lifesize Meeting details on an Icon, there should be a visual error notifying the user that there is no Lifesize meeting to join.
      • This error should then prompt users to select a Lifesize Meeting to join.
    • Visually differentiate between Lifesize Meetings and Google Meetings
      • It should be easy to differentiate between the two types of meetings, either through a logo or color, so that users are more aware.