Improvements to the Lifesize App (iOS)

Idea created by steven.drury on Jun 12, 2018
    Under Consideration
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    Hello all, 


    The recent update to the Lifesize App, with the inclusion of audio only was good, but there need to be improvements to the UI. For example: 


    * When dialling a meeting, I should be able to dial straight into listen-only mode. 

    * When I am muted, the 'tap to speak' button should be red to indicate that I am muted. Once I am speaking, the background should change to green, not turquoise. 


    The 'press and hold to leave the call' feature is awesome. Great insight. 


    Also, a continuing problem with this app is that it drains the life out of your phone. Our CEO was on a call in listen-only mode for 1.5 hours and it took 79% of his battery. Granted, the phone is not brand new, but this is still an issue. The end-result is that the app is not used and people just dial into the meeting via phone.