VMR Moderators/Admins can remove Individuals from a Call from the Mobile App

Idea created by wdoyle Employee on Jun 22, 2018
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    Copied from another discussion thread:

    "I have been asked if we can allow Administrators or Moderators of the meeting rooms to have tools that allow them to disconnect individuals from the call as needed. Sometimes when the admin builds a call they may have added a location by mistake and right now they would have to disconnect everyone and rebuild the call from scratch. Other times they may have individuals that are part of the meeting for a certain time and the meeting continues but they need to disconnect that individual or multiple locations while the meeting continues with the leadership team.


    AV meeting admins are constantly on the move and rely on the mobile app to help them manage multiple calls. Are there plans to give admins and moderators special privileges to manage calls that normal users would not have access too in the mobile app?"