more admin control for live streaming etc.

Idea created by jwinterbottom on Jun 26, 2018
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    Running a trial of Lifesize Stream has helped me notice a common thread in regards to admin control over various Lifesize Cloud applications.  I may be wrong so please feel free to fact check me but when someone other than me (the cloud admin) owns or is moderator of a meeting room, I am unable to start their live stream.  This leaves me helpless when the meeting room owner or moderator (which is often times the same person) is unavailable or constantly changes between different users.  I know the workaround to change meeting roles and all that but as an administrator, I should have admin rights to universally start/stop a stream regardless of whether i own or moderate the room the meeting room or not.  Also... there really needs to be a way of adding multiple owners/moderators and maybe even lecturers to meeting rooms.  In education, you get a variety of circumstances where this would be quite useful.


    just as an example, let's say two instructors teach the same course or a program has more than one teaching assistant that collaborate with students for virtual seminars.  Having to constantly change meeting roles on a regular basis is less than ideal.  We had a program last year with 5 different teaching assistants that had to constantly hand off ownership of a single VMR depending on the day they were teaching.


    We also have several departments that have more than one admin assistant that act as moderators in meetings or field chat questions when we inevitably purchase a streaming package.  Having only one person with the ability to start a live stream creates a single point of failure if that person is away and I'm not around to access our management console and change roles.  Maybe this is a couple of ideas rolled into one post but I have been told at least a year and a half ago that adding more than one person to meeting rolls is something that was going to be added in the future.