Full screen voice switching layout for active speaker

Idea created by lester.lim on Jul 12, 2018
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    • lester.lim

    We would like to request the ability to select a full screen voice switching layout for the active speaker similar to what is seen when in a call with only two participants where each would see the far end in full screen.  This type of layout was available on the Lifesize Bridge 2200 and is available on other bridging solutions (Cisco, Polycom, etc.). In calls where a group of people are connected, i.e., boardroom, classroom, etc., using the PTZ of the camera to focus on the person speaking isn't useful and ends up being a distraction and although when they are the active speaker they will appear in the larger portion of the screen, it isn't as good as when they would appear full screen.  The "Lecturer" mode available for Lifesize Cloud meeting rooms is close but still not what we were looking for.