Feature Request - Audio Input and Output Options in Icon Web interface

Idea created by mphillips13 Support on Jul 19, 2018
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    Creating this request on behalf of Reselller at Communications & Entertainment, INC.


    Currently, when attempting to connect external mics or speakers to an Icon system, integrators would like the ability to visibly see the decibels coming in through the LIne Input while configuring the audio.


    In the 220 Systems, this can be seen on the device on the onscreen interface of the device. 



    It would be helpful if these type of features were on the Icon Systems as well. Also, to adjust the "Mic Gain" levels, it requires the device to be accessed via SSH. In Clish, the command "set audio gain {0-10}" is the only possible way to adjust this setting.


    Reseller request if more audio configurations can be accessed or added to the Web interface of the Icon systems.