Idea created by mtran Partner on Jul 26, 2018
    Pending Review

    Hi, I would like to submit a couple of changes to the one-time meeting feature.  Presently, when you click on the one-time meeting link in outlook, and cancels out, it creates a meeting room any way.  In addition, if a user does not use the one-time meeting room or have 2 users log into it, the ONE-TIME meeting room stays on the cloud account after the 24 hours limit, and does not get deleted out of the cloud account.  Also, the one-time meeting rooms count against the limit of the meeting rooms which is determined by the number of users license.


    My suggestion is 1) to delete out the one-time meeting rooms after 24 hours even if no one logs into it, or only 1 user logs into the meeting room.  2) when the user cancels, do not create a one-time meeting room.  3) Do not count the one-time meeting rooms in the meeting room limit.