Feature Request - Search by Meeting Number

Idea created by mphillips13 Support on Jul 27, 2018
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    Creating "Feature Request" on behalf of Silabs.


    In the older version of the Lifesize Cloud Applications, it was possible to search for Meeting Extensions using the "Search" field. In the new applications, you can only search by the "User" or "Meeting" name but not by "Extension".



    In the example above, this is a device extension in my directory. When searched by name, it is able to be located. Searched by "Extension", "There are no matches for your search".


    Many "Users" when sending out personal invites only include the "Extension" number. If the "User" wanted to determine the name of the meeting, they will have to try to guess at the name to determine which meeting it is.


    The Customer request the feature of being able to search by "Extension" number be added back to the Lifesize Cloud Applications.