Default Meeting Location

Idea created by on Aug 14, 2018
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    I've installed the latest Outlook plugin (version,2.0.1732) and discovered that the option to specify a default meeting location within the plugin is no longer available. I've created a VMR for our users and have setup their older Outlook plugin (version to default to their VMR'.s The new plugin requires the users to navigate to a search field and then search for their meeting room. Please keep in mind that our users have just recently have been trained to how to start a meeting by simply clicking on the lifesize Icon that was configured to default to their VMR  that only required one click.  Now they must be retrained to click on "Choose a place > click the search field > enter their meeting name to locate their VMR > click on their meeting > and finally click Next.  As you can see the new client requires our users  5 steps to create their VMR meeting compared to the previous plugin which required for them to simply click the Lifesize icon which defaulted to their VMR. 


    I know this may sound insignificant to a tech savvy person; however, we have a diverse group of users. Some of which are not so tech savvy and this has created a much more difficult experience adapting to and using your plugin. Let's keep it simple. Can you please add back the feature to specify a default meeting (see attached) in your next Outlook plugin release? 


    Thank you.