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Idea created by bjones Support on Sep 6, 2018
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    Today, Lifesize Streaming requires that a registered user or an Icon be present in a meeting, before the stream can begin. If a user calls in as a guest, the stream cannot begin with a message stating, "Please click enable stream to try again." This messaging is vague, but if you attempt to start a stream, and no one is present, you get a message on screen stating, “Please have someone join the meeting and click Enable Stream.”


    We would like to see two improvements to the service.


    1. We would like to see that any restrictions on the streaming with regards to which user types are able to start the stream be lifted, but if this is not possible, then better documenting the restrictions would be a fallback option.


    2. We would like to see the error messaging be more precise with regards to what is preventing a stream from beginning.



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