iOS & Android Icon Control App

Idea created by mark.watt.videocentric Partner on Sep 11, 2018
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    For larger meeting room deployments where you are adding in DSP's ceiling mic's, speakers etc. It would be great not to have the Phone HD on the table, as it's only purpose would be for the control side of things.

    This has been commented on by many customers and potential customers that is lacking. Cisco have Proximity that does the basics and a few extra bits, and Polycom have nothing, but that is hardly surprising.


    As customers that we are talking to are trying to move away from the expensive and sometimes too complex Crestron, AMX, Extron to control rooms and endpoints, this is something that would be great for them.


    One of the distributors we work with is already gearing up for the Dash by getting in Lifesize etched iPad docks to ensure that the final solution looks great.

    As the new Dash has an iOS app, surely it wouldn't be too difficult to port over some of that control to the Icon.


    Now I've published weshunt can't steal my idea