Feature Request : PSTN Disconnect Message

Idea created by mphillips13 Support on Nov 28, 2018
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    Created this "Feature Request" on behalf of WPS Insurance.


    When Users attempt to dial into a Lifesize Cloud Extension using the provided PSTN dial-in numbers on the Lifesize Cloud Invite, they are prompted "Enter the Extension of the Person you want to call or the Meeting you want to join..." message.


    If the "extension" is not entered in roughly 20 seconds, the call will disconnect without warning or any indication of the disconnection due to the absence of the "extension". It would be ideal to have a type of disconnect message sent to the User to either prompt again for the "extension" or a message stating the call will end due to failure to receive an extension from the User.


    This would let the User know that they have been disconnected from the call because of the extension not being entered within the time allotted.