Option to join the VMR or user while creating Gcal invites

Idea created by ubanerjee@lifesize.com Support on Dec 14, 2018
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    When trying to send a calendar invite using Google Calendar, the present scenario is to take the user name dial string to send invitation by default.

    The request is : When we click on Schedule Google Calendar; two options like the outlook plugin should be displayed; 1. Choose a place

    2. + Create a new meeting

    The user can have there own selection and then proceed with sending the invitation with the below content;


    Option 1: Using the web URL: https://call.lifesizecloud.com/12345678

        a. Hit this link in the Chrome.

        b. Enter your Name and Click Next.

        c. Allow Microphone and Camera and Click Next.

        d. Choose option Use Computer Audio. Click Join.

    Option 2:  From the VC Room: Dial this IP -

    Option 3: Using your Mobile:

        a. Download the LifeSize Application from Android Play Store or IOS App store

        b. Join as Guest User

        c.  Enter Name and Extension(12345678)

        d. Click Place Call

    Option 4: Dial-In numbers(In case of no internet); Extension - 12345678

    India: +91 80 42433560

    United Kingdom: +44 1223 750388

    United States: +1 512 489 3100 

    *Additional Numbers : Lifesize audio bridge numbers 


    (request on behalf of ROYAL ENFIELD)