Feature Request - Silent Install for the Lifesize Outlook Plug-in

Idea created by mphillips13 Support on Feb 12, 2019
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    Creating the "Feature Request" on behalf of "Norcal Mutual Insurance Company".


    Currently, our MSI for the Lifesize Desktop Client allows for the MSI Installer to be customized using ".Json Switches". Using these "switches" Admins are able to install the Lifesize Application as a "silent install" for their Users. The MSI for the Lifesize Outlook Plug-in does not allow for the MSI file to be configured in this way.


    Admins in large deployments would like to have the option for a "silent" install without the need for any user-interaction for the installation of the add-in. It would be a great feature if the Outlook Plugin MSI allows for customization similar to the MSI for the Lifesize Desktop Application.