Lifesize Share Improvements

Idea created by andyjon22 Partner on Mar 7, 2019
    Pending Review

    We have had multiple Lifesize Shares which we think would be greatly improved if it had the following.


    - PoE option so less cabling during installations.

    - Link to a Cloud account and Link to an Icon, the admin account set up is very messy and not very clear. If you had an option to link to the cloud and then a tab in the cloud admin page with the shares it would make managing the shares a lot easier for those with dual cloud and share accounts.

    - Multiple admins/change admin. Once you have made an account you cannot change it. Companies change personnel and email accounts so it will make sense to be able to change it so you cna keep using it and not have messy changeovers.

    - Set the idle time automatically to Never. At the moment it is 30 seconds and a lot of users/engineers get very confused at the fact the share goes to black screen with no obvious way to wake it up! Also you need to set it up to '-1' for it to be never but you can't type '-' into it. At the moment we have had to use 999 hours. 


    Hope people agree to these improvements as these would make the user, admin and installation experiance a lot easier. 



    - Another feature. Hard reset button. We have had demo units from other companies with old accounts on and no way to get them off!