Feature Request - Randomize Wireless AP Password or Control Wireless Password for Share

Idea created by blacanaria Support on May 2, 2019
    Pending Review
    • alan.furmage@damedia.co.uk
    • akira.estrada
    • ellamc
    • drodrigues@lifesize.com

    Feature request for the Share. Create an option for the system to set the wireless password at random and display on screen, just as it does currently with the connection ID. This could be an option to be turned on or off; if off, then the admin could set a password manually. It could be set to change at random or a given frequency, but only if no devices are connected to the AP. At present, anyone who knows the password after seeing or using it would have the ability to connect to the AP without being present. Depending on signal strength and building architecture, they wouldn’t even have to be in the same room.