Icon 4k Series lack of back end control

Idea created by andyjon22 Partner on Jun 5, 2019
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    We have been trying out the new Icon 700 and 300 recently. We have noticed that the admin console via the IP address is very bare. No adjustments can be made to white balance on the cameras. No screen reolution settings (I understand it is designed for 4k displays and will auto detect to lower resolutions etc, however it is still good to give as much options availlable). No license key view. No system upgrade option to manually download the firmware rather than it be auto. No system information that can give you a view of the phone and camera connected (or disconnected!). No call manager either. These things are very important to admins/intergrators etc. While I like that Lifesize are creating an 'out of the box' product via their cloud service some of these features I feel are very important and massively help in larger deployments where you don't always have physical access to units yet need to gather information or make virtual adjustments.  


    Also I think the layout of it is quite poor. Before everything was in a tabbed section. Now its a long scrolling page, difficult to find what you need. 


    I understand developments are still happening. Would be good to get a timeline on these and what features will be added (if any).