Ability to Sort "Users" View by Dates...

Idea created by dgoodwin@epson.co.uk on Jun 7, 2019
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    • dgoodwin@epson.co.uk
    • ellamc
    • drodrigues@lifesize.com
    • andyjon22

    Not sure whether this has already been raised, but in the old Cloud management console it was possible to sort Users by Created Date, Last Call etc etc.

    This functionality is no longer available in the new Console.

    Was a really useful tool to check that users have created their accounts and named them in line with our naming policy and equally see whether users are actually using their accounts at all. Appreciate that the data can be exported and then sorted, but this just makes the process longer. 

    Currently using the old console to carry out this function, but assume this will disappear at some point.