Telehealth Waiting Room

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    • ellamc



    On Demand Telehealth patients need a VMR or Lobby to dial into while waiting for a Provider (Doctor, therapist etc.) to accept the session.


    Rooms are setup by type of service/Provider needed (Psych, Intake Assessment, Adolescent etc.).


    Rooms are accessed by links on our WebPage for each service offering.


    Rooms are Private so none of the members can see or hear each other while waiting and may watch provided content.


    Provider lists are setup by profession and logged into by Provider.


    LS Cloud Calls the appropriate Provider list using selectable queuing method (top down, round-robin etc.) and Presence status (DND, Busy, Idle).


    Provider accepts the call, caller is removed from waiting room and next provider is alerted.


    Feel free to move to a better group or advise.


    Any Ideas from the group?


    Thanks,  Ray