ICON 700 Configuration Enhancements

Idea created by adarragh Partner on Jul 4, 2019
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    A few ideas to improve the overall user experience of the ICON 700.

    Any others people would like to see implemented?



    Display Layout

       Migrating from either a 220 or ICON 600 to 700 it would be great to have the same layout controls for display.

       Mirrored, Never Blank etc. Options very limited (two) at this stage.

       Every customer has a different idea how they want the displays appearing. Both on and off calls.


    Change between Presentation / Call layouts similar to Single Display Mode


    Ability to customise the the "My Info" Voice Number  

       Currently fixed on US dial in number.


    Camera Colour Correction / Brightness Control


    Camera Focus Position

       Full / Spot etc


    Ability to adjust Pan / Tilt Speed

       Even slow it down at set zoom levels. Bit fast at higher zoom levels at the moment.


    Customised Wallpaper in 4K Ratio (Believe this is coming soon)


    Audio Equaliser Controls   

       Would be handy when tuning to different environments. 


    Allow return to home screen on Phone HD when in a call


    Send invite from Phone HD

       Its already linked to an exchange mailbox.

       Sending invites via the phone to email would be excellent.


    The more control we can give the better the experience I think. Even if some of this was done via cli as a start would be great.