Join call without audio

Idea created by dave.reichert on Jul 8, 2019
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    • abhardwaj
    • krysiloughrey

    I would like an option in the Lifesize App to be able to join a call without audio enabled.  This would be useful for people who are in the same room who want to "pass the torch" in sharing content, and avoid audio feedback issues.


    Currently the only way to do this is to join the conference using the URL/Link and select "Phone" as the Audio option, and not dial into the bridge.  There is no way to do this from the App otherwise.  I would suggest adding a button next to the existing "Call with Camera On", "Call with Camera Off".


    Perhaps a button titled "Join silently" would suffice - When pressed it should join the conference, and automatically select "Phone" as the audio option.  I've attached a mock up of what I think could work.


    This would also be extremely useful for Moderation when the moderator is in the same room as the call, but the Audio in use is sourced/output to another device in the room.