Require name for One Time Meeting in Outlook plugin

Idea created by dave.reichert on Jul 15, 2019
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    • andyjon22

    As an administrator, I am seeing an uptick in the number of One Time meetings in our console with names like:


    Meeting 498xxx

    Meeting 400xxx




    This is less than ideal from a management perspective.  Since we don't want to expire meetings that are scheduled in someone's Outlook calendar months into the future by using the "days before inactive meetings expire" feature (Someone could very well legitimately schedule a meeting a year into the future), the console is becoming rather busy and full of these meetings with no names.


    I would propose that when the Icon portion of the "Schedule Meeting" button is clicked or "Invite to one time meeting" is selected from the menu, that the user is prompted to enter a meaningful meeting name.  Not only does this improve my experience from an Administrator's perspective, it also gives the user a way of correlating their One Time meetings to their meeting invites, and populates the invite subject with something more meaningful than a random number in place of the meeting name.


    It would also be really great if a user decided to cancel out of sending the Outlook meeting request, that the now orphaned One Time meeting could be deleted, so these do not pile up.


    Also, having a way to filter out One Time meetings from the Admin view by default, or separate them to a different Tab/Page would be GREAT.