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Question asked by mtran Partner on Oct 31, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2017 by michaelt

Hi, I would like to share a couple of issues with community using the new app and dual monitor.

1. Using dual monitors, when I select the 'shared' button, I do not have the option to share the desktop or the new app window; just options to share other windows.   This was frustrating when you are trying to show the customer what the cloud app looks like, and can't.  I have generated a case with support, and Engineering is working on this.  Case# 00293973


2. Using dual monitors, when I do select the app to share, the video would disappear on monitor 1.   It's like the cloud app minimizes the window.   A work around is to select 'Ask a question | Lifesize -Mozilla Firefox' that appears at the top, and the window would appear again with the 'share your screen' window again.   I don't think that is designed intent, and will generate a case for this if need.  Personally, I think when I share the content, my main window should stay up so that I can see the far end, and the participants.



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