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Connecting 220 on LifeSize Cloud to H.323 Polycom

Question asked by patg9234 on Apr 4, 2018
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We recently connected all of our Lifesize 220's to Lifesize Cloud. I did not have any issues calling external phone numbers or other Lifesize units, but I'm having trouble calling standard polycoms. Prior to joining Lifesize Cloud, the 220 had H.323 enabled (no gatekeeper). Now the option to enable H.323 is greyed out and not selectable. Is there a way to enable H.323 on a 220 connected to Cloud, or am I just dialing the polycom the wrong way. From the 220, I am dialing the internal IP address of the Polycom unit. The Lifesize 220 is on the same internal network.


Am I just doing this wrong?