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How to perform Audio_setMuteMode(mode) ?

Question asked by pierre Expert on May 13, 2015
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I faced this next use case recently and was not able to give a convincing answer :

The end user wants to share a short film as a content (audio & video through VGA & Line-In), but also wants to mute his microphone (the Phone 2nd Gen) to avoid any noise from the environment (papers on the desk, cough ...). The problem is that when you tap mute on the touche screen, you mute both Phone 2 and Line-In.


I know it is possible to perform a Audio_setForceLineInMic(state), but this requires a PLC to perform this command.


Searching for a solution, I found in the API the function Audio_setMuteMode(mode) but it systematically returns me a -20 error.

I tested to perform it with support level of privilege, through a REST request and through a SSH command.


So I have a couple of questions :

- Does anyone knows how to make it work ?

- Would this be the answer to this use case ?

- What does "Glacier only" means in the command description ?