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Lifesize Cloud App proxy

Question asked by manxfella Partner on May 15, 2017
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I have just been speaking to one of my Cloud customers and they have given an external company access to their Lifesize platform but they are having issues connecting. I suspect this will be down to firewall settings so have forwarded them the port guide to see how they get one with that however before sending that they did ask a couple of question which I  was hoping someone will be able to help with please:


xxxxxx uses authenticated Blue Coat proxies with SSL interception. Troubleshooting has shown that the client software is able to locate and use the system proxy settings but doesn’t show an authenticated proxy connection succeeding. Some questions to aid troubleshooting:


  1. 1)      Does the Lifesizecloud client support NTLM or Kerberos authenticated proxy sessions via system proxy settings on Windows?
  2. 2)      Does lifesizecloud utilise SSL certificate pinning, or other measures that would be broken by SSL inspection?


If someone could answer this that would be great.



Many thanks