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Information about connecting 3rd party conference hardware to lifesize meetings

Question asked by danatraymond on Jul 17, 2017
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I'm new here so not sure if I'm asking this in the right place or not.  We have 5 Polycom systems that need to connect to Lifesize Cloud Meeting rooms.  All are behind one firewall which resides at our headquarters, and all 5 polycoms are connected across our various regions on a private MPLS network.  The Polycom HDX will actually connect to the Lifesizecloud, but it takes 5 to 8 tries before it will stay connected.  The Polycom Group Series (models 300 or 500) will not connect.  If it matters, we have a Palo Alto firewall.


Is there documentation for how I can connect our Polycom systems to the Lifesizecloud meetings?  Will our environment be a problem (where all 5 units are behind 1 firewall so that port forwarding won't be so easy to configure?).


Or if I need to ask this question somewhere else at Lifesize please let me know.