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Greetings Customers and Partners,   Lifesize partners and customers wishing to be Lifesize Technical Specialist (LTS) certified will find all required information in this post.   This certification applies to all regions.   STEP 1 - Please review the training modules below and work through each of the sections: LTS - 0

Feature Request from on of our Customers:   The Customer wanted to have the possibility to insert their logo into a video-conference Call. They have seen it while they had a conversation with another company who could use this feature using Bluejeans and wanted to know if it would be possible with Lifesize as well.   Kind regards
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IMPORTANT NOTES: This is a Bash script. Bash scripts must be run in a Bash shell. So this document primarily covers how to install Cygwin on windows only so you have access to a Bash Shell. If you are already familiar with BASH please disregard the information below and simply run the script. You can download it HERE. Alternatively, if you would