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Hi all,   Has anyone had any experience implementing the cloud client on a Microsoft Surface Hub? I presume the client works or at least through Chrome but unsure of audio / camera interop.   Thanks!

Currently if you have the application minimized and receive a chat message - there is no visual cue in the system tray for that message.   This results in missed chats. It would be ideal to have some sort of pop-up notification for messages received when the application is minimized.
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Here's the current list of demo / test sites maintained by Lifesize (thanks AMR SE team). This list is subject to change, but we'll endeavor to keep it up-to-date for you to use.   Video only: 370608 [Demo - Austin Skyline] 3559827 [Demo - Austin Skyline 2] 3559407 [Demo - Dancing Fountains] 506387 [Demo - Fish Tank 1] 359905 [Demo -