Should someone be able to take over the presentation?

Poll created by rmaloney Employee on Sep 30, 2015

Presentation sharing is the corner stone of any well established collaboration tool and Lifesize Cloud is no exception. Everyday we are looking into ways to improve the overall experience, we have heard loud and clear many new feature ideas and are taking them all into consideration.


At the very root of any presentation sharing protocol is who can share and when, today we allow anyone to share a presentation, even guests with the new Chrome Web App. Historically we have enabled the ability for someone to take over a running presentation. My question, is this an expected behavior? Just because we have always allowed for it does not mean it is the right way.  So wanted to turn to our customers and partners to ask. What is the desired result?


Use Case: Joe is presenting to his team, all of which are using Lifesize Cloud (of course). Emily has something to share, should Emily have to ask Joe to end his presentation or should she be able to just start her presentation and replace Joe's?

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  • Emily should ask Joe to stop his presentation before starting hers
  • Emily should be able to click the presentation icon and take over the presentation feed