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video problem with new passport

Question asked by tlindsey Administrator on Jan 15, 2015
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I've got a new Passport system, and am having a significant video issue that seems odd. When I connect a call I'm getting good speeds of over 1100kbps and a good resolution with 30fps. However, within the first minute the transmit and receive numbers start taking a nosedive. Within 3 minutes of the call being connected I'm down under 60kbps and 10fps at a very low resolution. The packet loss and jitter stats keep going up too, of course (though the percentage stays at 0%). I've been testing this with


I've got a 20Mbps pipe and realtime traffic stats put me under 10Mbps throughput both directions the whole time. I've got the packet loss t-shooting guide, but don't really know where to start. It doesn't appear to be bandwidth, network cable, packet size (I did attempt adjusting MTU), or duplex. I've started looking into setting up QoS, but it seems that it only kicks in once the bandwidth starts topping out, which again, doesn't seem to be my problem.