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Recommendations for Maximum Incoming/Outgoing Bandwidth

Question asked by tlindsey Administrator on Jan 20, 2015
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We have 2 Room 200 units and 8 Express 200 units. We have the Express units capped at 384 kb/s because we have found that it gives us acceptable quality and allows us to have multiple units call into one of the Room 200s.

My question is what the Room 200 units should be set to. Is Auto a smart setting? Or will it just eat up all available bandwidth? We do have CoS on our lines, but we would like to a little more control over the units. If we limit the Room units to 786 kb/s on both incoming and outgoing, how will that effect our calls? I made the assumption that each incoming connection would not go over 786 kb/s, but someone told me that each incoming call would be splitting that 786 kb/s. That it's for the entire conference and not a per connection setting.

Can anyone confirm this and give me some suggested guidelines?