Accommodating Cloud IP expansions

Discussion created by tlindsey Administrator on Feb 23, 2015

LifeSize Cloud is a rapidly growing product. Along with quickly rolling out new features and capabilities, Cloud infrastructure is rapidly expanding in order to meet demand and offer maximum customer experience. Many customers enjoy the benefits of this work without any intervention necessary on their part, but many other customers with strict firewall rules and policies may see service impacting issues if not properly configured to support our growth. One instance of this is the growing list of Cloud IPs as we expand and fortify our global reach. If new IPs are blocked at your firewall, you open yourself up to several potential issues.


The most scalable and efficient means to handle these changes is to request your IT group whitelist, this will encompass and IP additions on our side and generate less work for you in the future.


However, some IT groups have policies prohibiting whitelisting of domains, and require rules for each specific IP address. In this case, your account manager can log into, click their name in the upper right corner, choose "Advanced Settings", and then "Network" to see a current list of cloud IP nodes. This link offers the required ports for connections from these IPs: