Lifesize Cloud Demo Sites - and how to use them

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This is a quick overview of the Demo Sites you will find in Cloud and how to best use them.

Lifesize Sites (supported by AMR SE Team):

The following are the Demo Sites managed by the AMR SE Team. If you encounter any issues with them, please email "" - let us know the issue you encountered and the date/time you encountered it. 


The following demo sites have audio and video.



How the Sites are Managed

  • For all of the sites managed directly by the AMR SE Team, the sites are called/checked on a daily basis by the Lifesize Team.


Key Points for Using Demo Sites:

  • An "Unavailable" message does not mean that it is not functioning, it means the site is already connected on a call.  If you try to call a site that is are already in a call, you will hear ringing several times, then you will get a notification stating the unit is, "Unavailable".  Please try a different site if you receive this message.
  • If you add one or more Demo Sites into a bridged Cloud call, please be sure to hang up the Demo Sites before you hang up your call.  If you do not hang up the demo site calls first, then they will stay in the conference until our max call time (5 minutes) expires and we automatically disconnect them.
  • Please keep your Demo Site calls short. Many people are looking to access the Demo Sites. If you park on a Site, you are keeping others from accessing it. We automatically disconnect calls that are connected for more than 10 minutes.

For Help with Demo Sites:

  • If you have any questions, comments, issues, concerns, etc. regarding the Demo Sites, please contact "" so we can address them.