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Our Organisations Training & Certifications

Question asked by emily.shimell Partner on Feb 24, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 24, 2015 by michaelt

I am looking for whether I can easily see on here who in my own organisation (VideoCentric) has completed which training modules & certifications, and information such as VideoCentric's date for renewing certifications etc. Of course, this may not be public information & we may have to nominate, say, a training administrator or similar.


At the moment this information is only passed through on request from our Account Manager, and would be useful to be able to actively see who is holding up our certification level, so that I can ensure those who need to can take the relevant courses can, plus help us plan our organisations training schedule which includes many other manufacturers & vendors across the board - it would be much more useful to me if this information was readily available & updated on a real-time basis.


I've put this as a question as it may already be possible, though if not, i'll submit it as an idea


Thanks, I look forward to your response.




(FYI I have had to link this to "Getting Started" as I was unable to select "Events, Training & Roadmap" as a place below, which probably would have been more suitable?)