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When do we get desktop and content sharing?

Question asked by on Feb 26, 2015
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I keep telling you, and you keep missing the boat.  Until you provide desktop and content sharing like WebEx and GoToMeeting, my company will continue to migrate off of LifeSize because they are only focused on "great video" not releasing that "great video" does not make for an affective virtual meeting until "great content sharing" is there first.


So... LifeSize... When are you going to grow up and start providing an all-in-one solution for actual meetings so that my conversations with my end users will stop being like this?


End User:  "wow, the video looks great, I can see all my remote participants.  Now, how do they see my desktop so I can give my PowerPoint presentation?"


Me:  "Oh, well, we need to use something like WebEx or GoToMeeting, because LifeSize doesn't have a solution for that."


End User:  "Oh, doesn't WebEx or GoToMeeting have video conferencing in addition to desktop sharing?  Why don't we just use that for the entire meeting?  Why are we using LifeSize?"


Me:  "Because we've already made an investment in LifeSize, but we are currently looking to move off of LifeSize so we can just have one place to go to for our meetings."


End User:  "When will that be done, because I don't want two different web sites to host my meeting?  In fact, I'll just use WebEx without the video because the PowerPoint presentation is more important."