LifeSize Video Center content channel video quality

Discussion created by david on Mar 3, 2015
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We are using LifeSize UVC Video Center servers since 2013 for recording and live streaming of multipoint conferences, which are hosted at non-LifeSize MCU's (Cisco/Codian MCU4520).


The problem with Video Center is BFCP/Content channel, which is (for non-LifeSize equipment) limited to only 128 kbps (and for LifeSize room equipment to 256 kbps) and content channel video quallity with 128 kbps is to low. Increasing this bandwith will help very much. I have already opened ticket/feature request at LifeSize over a year ago, but if I'm the only one, LifeSize will probably never implement this feature request.


My suggestion to anyone, who is also using LifeSize Video Center is: if you are also interrested to increase content channel video quallity on your LifeSize Video Center, please contact your LifeSize partner and also submit feature request. If LifeSize will receive many such request, we have good chance, that LifeSize will increae video quallity of content channel.


Last response from May 2014 I got from LifeSize support was:


Today increasing the bandwidth of the presentation is not in the short term roadmap of the Video Center. I’ll leave a feature request open for that but cannot commit on an implementation date.

In the meanwhile, if the endpoints are from the 200/220 series, I’d suggest sending the presentation in the main stream to ensure you have the best video quality for it. This is generally insteresting when you have quite motioned presentations.


Majority of endpoints are not LifeSize room system and this workaround is not useful for us.

This is really important for us as we usually record university classes and in great majority of cases we also record (and stream) content which is presently in low quality.


If you are also interrested to improve video quallity of Video Center content channel recordings, please make comment to this post too.


Best regards,

David Vrtin

ARNES, Academic and Research Network of Slovenia