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Automatic link to start the Lifesize Cloud App on iOS

Question asked by thomasgeindreau Partner on Mar 5, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2018 by bdwilcox

Here is a question I've ask 3 months ago, the answer was "we are working on a patch on it".

Any news ?



Hello Lifesize,


It would be great if when we press from an iPhone/ iPad the link "Call me on Lifesize Cloud" then "Already have it ? Connect now", it starts the iOS App and start the call.


From a PC, it automatically starts the windows app.


Best regards,





Message was edited by: Michael Torok I removed the link to the international partner portal because 1. the portal is going away and 2. it was not accessible to all the people who would possibly click it. Your message is clear without it, too. No offense meant. Hope none is taken. No other edits made.