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How to troubleshoot intermittent presentation failure in Lifesize Cloud

Question asked by bgg Partner on Mar 6, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 9, 2015 by mmoszynski

I've had some customers saying that one or more party members in a multiparty video call was unable to view the presentation. The customers has described their problem a little differently each time and we've really been unable to assist, especially since the customers usually say they solve it with a restart.


It's a bit unclear what they restart to fix it - probably the ICON-system not receiving the presentation is rebooted.

At least, they hangup / call back.


One thing we immediately try to find out when issues like this arise, is wether or not there could be some firewall misconfiguration. As previously stated it's not an easy job to answer the question "The firewall is correctly configured", especially in a big network environment where several firewall admins are constantly making changes to things.


As the customer usually solves the above mentioned issue by rebooting/hanging up and calling back into the meeting - it's harder to suspect firewall misconfiguration in my opinion.


At times we've used the Dashboard to find calls with packet loss, indicating the issue might have been caused by this.

Can anyone confirm that one result of current packet loss could be presentation loss?

From what I can understand from listening over the support guys backs the customer cannot always describe what actually happened in their call, and they often report it after the call has ended.

We of course urge them to stay inside the faulty call and call us directly, so that we "live" can try to figure out the reason - but this is not always the case.


Any suggestions on how to proceed in troubleshooting these kind of errors would be appreciated.