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How to work with traffic load-balance?

Question asked by Expert on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 11, 2015 by mmoszynski

One customer deployed network traffic load-balance which connects to two service providers, it means there are two public Ips and one per service provider.

Currently they also want to integrate this with our UVC system, it means when there is an outbound call, the call will be routed to load-balance through LAN IP, then load-balance will choose right public IP for outside clearsea.


So we only configured one LAN for clearsea server, and then configure NAT mapping rule in their load-balance. For LAN clearsea, it works well over LAN IP, for WAN clearsea over public IP, the contact list is not retrieved after check network traffic, like our clearsea server will send redirect IP (LAN IP) to clearsea client, so cleaseas client cant access server over LAN IP.