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Smooth transition of ClearSea Client when upgrading to UVC 3.0

Question asked by andre.prakash Partner on Mar 11, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 10, 2015 by michaelt

At the moment it looks like there is no smooth transition from UVC ClearSea Client to the new Lifesize Video Client, as the ClearSea client gets useless when upgrading to UVC 3.0. This means all users need to install the new client immediately. At least an upgrade notice when trying to login with the ClearSea Client is, from my point of view, a must.

Is it planned that the new client will support the ClearSea server 4.x in the future? I see this as the best solution, as the users can install the new client and after all have upgraded to the new client the UVC platform can be upgraded to version 3.0


Or is there another way to accomplish that?


Thanks for your feedback.