Lifesize Icon Flex - The new Remote Control

Discussion created by dmorrison on Mar 18, 2015

Everyone should be aware we are shipping a new remote control with Lifesize Icon Flex. Technically, we call this Lifesize Icon Remote, 2.0.


This new remote control has four additional buttons versus the existing remote control. Also, the existing toggle and OK buttons behave differently depending on whether you are controlling an Icon 400/600/800 or an Icon Flex. The table below identifies the button to behavior depending on the Icon.



Icon 400/600/800

Icon Flex

Toggle (Left-Right-Up-Down)On-Screen Display (OSD) controlCamera Pan and Tilt control
OKSelect OSD fieldCamera center
Volumen/aVolume up/down
Zoomn/aCamera zoom in/zoom out


Here's some additional information on our remote controls.


1. The three common buttons on both remotes (Mute, Toggle, OK) will behave correctly regardless of which remote and which Icon you are using. For example, the existing remote control will pan, tilt, center and mute the Lifesize Icon Flex. Similarly, the new remote control will manage your on-screen display, select the OSD field and mute your Icon 400, 600, 800.

2. The Volume and Zoom buttons will not work on the Icon 400/600/800

3. The Toggle and OK buttons on the new remote will not Pan, Tilt or Center your Icon 400/600/800 camera


It is very important to note the new Icon Remote 2.0 only ships with the Lifesize Icon Flex. It does not ship with the Icon 400/600/800.


As you can see above the video systems are very different and customers that want the new remote to perform the new functions of the Toggle and OK will be disappointed.


Looking forward this may change, but in the meantime, let's make sure customer expectations are set on the remote control they will get with the shipped Icon products and how they can expect the remote control to behave with each Icon product.